An Immersive 3D Game for a Unique Moment in Sports History

Built by Nike presents its latest collab with Lebron James celebrating his 20th season: As Lebron, can you defeat Father Time, his only true nemesis?

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Using AppMana's tech, the console quality graphics were streamed and playable straight into people's Instagram feed, and its just mind-blowing, no load times, no code base to run, just an instant next-gen experience on any hardware. To see hundreds of thousands of people play this game and to see what is possible with streaming technology convinced me that with this project we genuinely got, not just a glimpse, but a full view of the absolute future.

Chris Etches, Director,

Nike, in collaboration with studio, developed an immersive 3D video game advertising campaign, delivered through instant streaming to audiences on Facebook and Instagram. With AppMana ensuring seamless delivery of the experience, Nike aimed to capture the attention of both basketball fans and casual social media users.

In addition to the 3D video game campaign, two standout ads featured LeBron James in contrasting settings, showcasing his personality and humor. The first ad, a slick, professionally produced piece, presented LeBron working out in his home gym with Jason Momoa playing Father Time. The second ad, a self-produced social media video, demonstrated LeBron's understanding of social media platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok, with a short clip filmed in his backyard.

The LeBron XX campaign combined the power of LeBron James' celebrity status with an innovative approach to advertising, capitalizing on social media trends and the popularity of immersive video game experiences. The campaign's diverse ad formats and creative content were designed to reach a wide range of audiences, from die-hard basketball fans to casual social media users.

With the 3D video game campaign, Nike saw the highest levels of engagement within the Facebook and Instagram apps. Meanwhile, the self-produced social media video demonstrated LeBron's keen understanding of social media platforms, fostering a sense of relatability and connection with his followers.


Nike's innovative LeBron XX advertising campaign, combining immersive 3D video game experiences and creative social media content, achieved impressive results:

  • 14,300 % increase in user engagement within Facebook and Instagram apps compared to video alone*
  • 25 % increase in return on ad spend via lower CPMs, greater CTRs**

With a unique approach to advertising, Nike's LeBron XX campaign successfully utilized LeBron James' celebrity power and tapped into social media trends to create a winning formula for boosting brand awareness and sales.

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