Dunk Into the Oreoverse in this Immersive Cookie Themed Multiplayer Game

Leveraging AppMana's unique multiplayer SDK, MediaMonks, VaynerMedia and the Martin Agency deliver a first-of-its-kind social media gaming experience on AppMana

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We’re so excited to enter the metaverse! OREO is the cookie that begs to be played with and we love to create new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other and share that playful spirit

Julia Rosenbloom, Senior Brand Manager, OREO

Mondelez, the parent company of Oreo, collaborated with Meta, ad agencies VaynerMedia and the Martin Agency, and AppMana to deliver a one-of-a-kind multiplayer experience as part of the Oreoverse advertising campaign. The game, developed in just five weeks by MediaMonks, allowed players to toss cookies into a hilarious mouth, competing against each other for the highest score.

The Oreoverse campaign was built around the launch of Oreo's new limited-edition flavor, the Most Oreo Oreo, featuring real Oreo grind mixed in the creme. To celebrate the launch, the company created a metaverse experience accessible on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets, offering fans an engaging way to connect and play together.

The Oreoverse featured a variety of "cookie-themed" games, where players built delicious treats in VR for a chance to win $50,000. As part of the campaign, TV personality Martha Stewart and her gardener Ryan McCallister streamed themselves exploring the Oreoverse on Oreo's social channels, generating excitement and driving user engagement.

By scanning the Most Oreo Oreo cookie pack, fans could "dunk into" the Oreoverse world, bringing the playful spirit of Oreo to life in an immersive and interactive virtual environment.

The Oreoverse advertising campaign showcased the power of innovative technology and creative collaboration, resulting in:

  • A flawless networked multiplayer experience developed in just five weeks
  • Increased brand engagement through unique and immersive gameplay
  • A seamless integration of advertising, product promotion, and interactive entertainment

The Oreoverse multiplayer experience demonstrates how brands can leverage cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships to create engaging and memorable advertising campaigns, driving product sales and reinforcing brand identity.

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