A Groundbreaking Virtual Test Drive

Built by Hidden Switch, Hyundai shares the experience of driving IONIQ 5 on your phone in celebration of the World Cup.

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Our innovative virtual test drive campaign for the Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV hatchback created an immersive driving experience for millions of social media users, successfully boosting brand awareness and interest in our eco-friendly vehicle during the FIFA World Cup 2022

Ollie Beeston, Creative Strategist, Meta

To engage with customers during the FIFA World Cup 2022, Hyundai partnered with creative studio Hidden Switch and instant photoreal streaming service AppMana to develop a groundbreaking virtual test drive experience for the IONIQ 5 EV hatchback. This unique, interactive campaign allowed users on Facebook and Instagram to virtually drive the IONIQ 5 in a stunning desert environment around Dubai during the event.

The virtual test drive showcased the IONIQ 5's distinctive pixel headlight design, impressive range, and advanced in-car driving features, such as the AR heads-up display. Hidden Switch designed an original movement paradigm that made driving the IONIQ 5 in a web browser seamless and exhilarating.

The IONIQ 5 virtual test drive campaign was part of Hyundai's larger "Goal of the Century" World Cup Campaign, which aimed to build a sustainable and united world. By offering a virtual test drive during the FIFA World Cup 2022™, Hyundai tapped into the excitement and global audience of the event to promote its eco-friendly vehicle.

This interactive campaign reached millions of social media users, encouraging them to learn more about the IONIQ 5 EV and Hyundai's commitment to sustainability while enjoying the thrilling virtual driving experience.

Hyundai's innovative IONIQ 5 EV virtual test drive campaign, designed to coincide with the FIFA World Cup 2022, achieved remarkable results:

  • 340% increase in social media engagement on Facebook and Instagram
  • 82% increase in inquiries and pre-orders for the IONIQ 5 EV

By offering an engaging and immersive virtual test drive experience during a major global event, Hyundai successfully captured the attention of millions of social media users and sparked interest in their IONIQ 5 EV hatchback.

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